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What is

RelateThese is an online quiz game where the goal is to find out how three objects relate to each other. All questions are user generated.

How do I play?

When you first enter the site a default list of questions will load. You can start playing straight away or go to More to find another list.

Type your answer in the input box and press the green Go button. Answers are not case sensitive and there may be several correct answers. The people who create the questions also define the correct answers. Unfortunately there is no room for misspelling!

If you answer correctly the first time you get 3 points. If you get it wrong you get a hint written by the question creator and a chance to get 2 points. Miss again and you will see the answer blanked out with * except for the first letter which is shown. Answer correctly here and you'll get 1 point.

How do I create my own question list?

Go to Create and follow the instructions. It is very easy!

Who created this site? Where do I send feedback?

CJ Aberg would be pleased to hear your insightful thoughts and comments:

This site is still in beta release so please send over any bugs that you find!